A defence attorney helps you better understand the criminal court process

Toronto defence attorney explains going to court and the process to follow

Going to court for the first time can be one of the most difficult things to do. People who have been through the criminal court process would likely tell you, it may have been the worst point in their life. Not knowing what to expect can be stressful and frustrating. The following pages I have put together for you will look to help explain the Ontario criminal court process, from the perspective of a Toronto defence attorney.

Apart from having a defence attorney assisting you during the criminal court process, you should also be informed of what will typically unfold. As a defence lawyer I will help you understand the bail hearing process. Specifically finding an appropriate surety to help ensure you are released from jail while awaiting the next phase in the criminal court process. I will explain how disclosure works, and how a defence attorney will make certain the Crown releases all relevant evidence.

Both the Crown and judicial pre-trial will be discussed, and the importance of having a dedicated and committed defence attorney to represent you during this part of the criminal court process will become even more evident. I will look at the final phase of the criminal court process, sentencing, in great detail.

I have many years of experience passionately and persuasively defending clients in the Toronto area. I will be your dedicated advocate through every step of the criminal court process.

Hire a Toronto defence attorney to guide you through the criminal court process

After reading over the stages in the criminal court process you should have a general understanding of what to expect if you or someone you care for is about to go through it. It is recommended to contact us online or call 416.944.8111 as soon as possible.

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