Should I plead guilty? A top criminal lawyer explains

The guilty plea and how a top criminal lawyer can help

There comes a time in any case where the charged has to plead guilty or not guilty. It is important to understand; when someone pleads guilty they are giving up their right to a trail. What this does is excuse the Crown from having to prove guilt beyond reasonable doubt by presenting admissible evidence.

Top criminal lawyers should inform their clients who have decided to plead guilty, the process which will follow. Without a doubt appearing in court to plead guilty can create a handful of feelings including stress, shock and tension for anyone facing criminal charges. The criminal court process alone can feel like a never ending blur of emotion. What happens is people can’t remain focused, and this phase of the court process seems to pass by quickly. There they are stuck not really knowing what happened. As one of the top criminal lawyers in the Toronto area, I am known to do everything in my power to let my clients be aware of what is happening at all times and share experienced insight regarding the outcome. If the decision to plead guilty occurs, I want to make sure my clients understand exactly what they are about to go through. I work hard to ensure my clients never feel alone.

If you plead guilty, you will need a lawyer on your side

When someone pleads guilty, it is usually conducted in a courtroom designed for that sole purpose. However if you are pleading guilty on the day of your trial, your guilty plea would take place in front of a trial judge. When you are called on, I will stand up and address the court. I will address the court as the defense, and my clients will follow. Before the process starts, the judge may choose to question the accused to confirm that they are entering a guilty plea voluntarily and losing their right to a trial.

During the next phase, the Crown will then read the facts in support of the charge. This is done by the reading the facts presented by the police synopsis. At this time the judge will ask your lawyer if the facts are correct. Top criminal lawyers will listen very carefully to this presentation to disagree or agree with anything stated. Once all the facts have been settled, the judge will present a final finding of guilt.

A top lawyer will understand when the time comes many people worry and wonder if they should plead guilty. A guilty plea should not be entered into lightly. It should not be entered into on a whim. A guilty plea carries consequences with it. But sometimes it is the right decision. A top criminal lawyer will help reduce anxiety about pleading guilty by explaining what to expect.

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