What Can Police Search For With a Search Warrant?

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As a Canadian, you are protected under the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Therefore, a court ordered search warrant must be provided before any investigation begins. The search warrant documentations give police the right to legally search you and your belongings in accordance to the statement specifics and nothing more. However, there are a number of scenarios where a search warrant is not needed to conduct a search.

For example, when a police officer stops a Toronto motorist for a traffic violation and sees an illegal weapon or drugs in the car, this would give him/her reasonable and probable grounds to enter the vehicle to make a search. This rule, called the plain view doctrine, allows a police officer to make a search and seizure without obtaining a search warrant if evidence of criminal activity or the product of a crime can be seen without entry or search.

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A police officer is not allowed to randomly search you or your belongings without reasonable grounds. A specific time and location of the search should be signed and approved by a judge and only once a legal search warrant is issued do the police have the right to search your belongings.

If the police conduct improper procedures during a search, a top criminal lawyer can argue that items obtained are inadmissible. This is why it is in your best interest to contact a criminal lawyer if you have been charged as a result of a search.

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