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Toronto criminal lawyer explains the different levels of punishment revealed at sentence hearings

In Canada, there is a wide range of punishment options that can be placed upon a person convicted of a criminal offence. By summarizing the major sentencing options, it will help people facing a charge understand the levels of punishment and how they vary.

During sentencing hearings, levels of punishment extend over a wide range of possible outcomes. The Criminal Code of Canada contains a set of standards, which is used to provide direction to the criminal courts in terms of making sentencing decisions. In certain situations, the court has the choice to impose either a conditional or an absolute discharge. A conditional discharge involves the offender following a certain set of rules for a specific length of time, set out in the probation order. Once the length of the conditional discharge is complete and all the rules have been followed, the discharge now becomes absolute. If the court decides to impose an absolute discharge, the person being charged will now be regarded as not having been convicted of the offense. Sentencing hearings can also result in probation. When this occurs, the person charged with a criminal offense is released back into the community to abide by a list of conditions and rules set out in their unique probation order. Probation sentencing can last up to three years.

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Outcomes of sentencing hearings don’t always go in favour of the accused. Major city attorneys, like a Toronto criminal lawyer have experience in defending clients of varying crimes and sentencing outcomes. Receiving a not guilty verdict or a lesser sentence is what a criminal lawyer strives for.

In some cases, the offender will be made to cover the expenses resulting from the crime. Restitution, the payment made by an offender to the victim, typically covers expenses such as personal injury and property loss or damage. Another form of payment is a fine. In Canada, a fine is the most frequently used sentencing option.

A sentence served in the community is known as a conditional sentence. Sentencing hearings resulting in a conditional sentence enables the convicted to be released into the community to follow a set of rules set out by the court for a specified amount of time.

Imprisonment is the most serious sentencing outcome in Canada. As one of Toronto’s leading criminal lawyers, Leora Shemesh has the skills required to minimize the risk of this sentencing option.

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