Can Police Conduct a Search Without a Warrant?

A Top Toronto Criminal Lawyer Explains

There are special cases where police can search a person, item or premises without a legal search warrant. If the police believe a crime is in progress or they have reasonable probable grounds the search will turn up evidence pertinent to an investigation, they may conduct a search without a warrant.

To further your understanding, concider this example of a traffic stop: Let’s say during this stop there is a strong odor of marijuana inside your car. For this reason the police have a right to search you and your car due to reasonable probable grounds. As another example, if the police are searching for a missing child by means of a neighborhood canvass and upon knocking on your door, they hear the screams of a child, they have the right to enter your home. A police officer also has the right to search your premises if a fleeing suspect runs into your home, or if there the officer believes there is an immediate danger to life or property if they do not conduct the search.

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If you or someone you care about has been charged with a criminal offence due to evidence obtained by a search, you should immediately speak to a top criminal lawyer in Toronto. I will inform you if the evidence obtained during the search is admissible or inadmissible due to the details for the search and from there begin the create a defence for your case. As a top criminal lawyer in Toronto, I have years of experience fighting criminal cases in local courts, allowing me to provide my clients with a strong defence.

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