When arrested, getting in touch with a defence lawyer should be your first step

For your best defence, contact Toronto criminal lawyer Leora Shemesh

You find yourself in the worst situation possible. A million thoughts rushing through your head, emotion overload, panic stricken and scared. You have just been arrested and charged with a crime.

For many individuals, being charged with a crime and going through the criminal court process can be the most difficult experience imaginable. If you are arrested, you should contact a criminal defence lawyer immediately. To best ensure positive court results, the first step is teaming up with a defence lawyer.

The court process is complex. Hire a Toronto criminal lawyer to lead the way

By hiring a defence lawyer you are ensuring that everything that can be done to protect yourself is being done. A criminal conviction holds many negative consequences. Being charged with a crime has the potential to impact your job, family and reputation. Even worse, your freedom can be on the line. Whether you are facing criminal charges or under police investigation, seeking legal defence is crucial. As a Toronto criminal lawyer, Leora Shemesh is one who understands the law, knows the criminal court structure and utilizes her skills to fight for her clients through each step of the process.

Challenging the judicial system and going through the criminal court process alone can be a tremendously complex experience. If faced with the prospect of jail, seeking the aid of a criminal lawyer should be your first step.

Serving the Toronto area, Leora Shemesh has experience in fighting charges ranging from white collar crimes to assault and drug related offences. If you want a dedicated representation in court, contact us online or call 416.944.8111. We are here to ensure the difficult times are less challenging.

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