Crown pre-trial discussions between a criminal defence lawyer and the Crown Attorney touch on a wide range of issues

A criminal defence lawyer can help influence the course a case takes during a Crown pre-trial

The Crown will rarely meet directly with a defendant to discuss their case; in fact they encourage representation by a criminal defence lawyer. The Crown pre-trial takes place after the disclosure package has been carefully reviewed by your criminal defence lawyer, who has assessed it for strengths and weaknesses. A criminal defence lawyer will ensure your rights are protected, and you are given the best defence against the charges that have been brought against you.

The meeting between the Crown Attorney and your criminal defence lawyer is to discuss and negotiate a number of matters including: how long they expect the trial to last, names of witnesses that may be called, possible violations of a defendant’s constitutional rights, and the sentence the Crown would seek if a guilty plea is entered.

A criminal defence lawyer will best represent your interests during a Crown pre-trial

A criminal defence lawyer will point out weaknesses in the Crown’s case during a pre-trial. At these discussions the Crown will decide whether or not to proceed with all the charges against a defendant. On rare occasions the entire case will be withdrawn if there is not a reasonable possibility of obtaining a conviction. A criminal defence lawyer will also inform the Crown about whether the defendant plans to plead guilty or not guilty. If a guilty plea will be entered, plea bargaining will begin during the Crown pre-trial.

A defendant will not be present during a Crown pre-trial meeting because of the possibility they may unintentionally say something that could later incriminate them in court. Since a defendant is not present during these critical meetings, who you choose to represent you becomes even more important.

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