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We have arrived at the final stage of the criminal court process, the criminal sentence hearing. There are a number of factors a judge is required to consider during the sentence hearing. There are also many questions he or she will require the defendant to prove, support and establish. An experienced lawyer will be able speak and act on behalf of you during this difficult yet important stage. The role of a defence lawyer is to ensure that the time spent in custody, the fine paid or the sentence received for the defendant is not excessive, but instead proportionate to the offence that occurred.

In unfortunate cases where defendants are found guilty, the next step for the judge is to impose a sentence.

A criminal defence lawyer will help you receive the best sentence possible

This is the part in the proceedings where many less skilled lawyers lay their cards on the table, cross their fingers and hope for the best. Know that there is a way to receive a decreased sentence and not leave your future to chance. The best criminal defence lawyer will work to obtain you a favourable outcome. Some criminal offenses have a minimum sentence and not even the best criminal defence lawyer will be able to influence the courts otherwise. In most court cases, sentences imposed on offenders with similar crimes are comparable. However, as we have learned, a criminal defence lawyer may be able to minimize court outcomes.

In the process leading up to the sentencing hearing, personal reference letters can be presented to the court. Personal references provide defendants a means of representing themselves positively as a member of society and the community. The best criminal defence lawyers agree, multiple personal reference letters have the ability to play a positive role for a criminal case. For help on deciding who to contact for a letter or for legal representation inquires, contact Leora Shemesh.

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