A Toronto defence lawyer explains the consequences of a verdict in a criminal offence case

A judge or jury’s verdict will decide a criminal offence case

After the Crown and defence lawyers have concluded their cases and the judge or jury have completed a period of deliberation, a verdict will be handed down.

An accused will either be found guilty or not guilty. If a non guilty verdict is handed down the accused will be acquitted of the criminal offences they have been charged with. This will result in no criminal record. In cases where someone has been charged with multiple criminal offences they may be found guilty of some, while acquitted of others.

If a guilty verdict is given, sentencing will be the next phase. Sentencing will be adjourned for a future court date. A defence lawyer will provide counsel and prepare their client for possible outcomes of a sentencing hearing.

A defence lawyer is dedicated to best possible verdict in criminal offence cases

A defence lawyer has the experience and skill to guide you through every step of the criminal trial process. They are dedicated to providing clients with the best possible defence and representing their best interests in every phase of the criminal court process.

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