A Toronto Criminal Lawyer's Guide to Presenting Yourself in the Courtroom

How to Make the Best Impression Possible in the Criminal Courtroom

This is the continuation on proper courtroom etiquette. To read part 1 of the discussion, click here.

Body language and speaking in the courtroom

When responding to questions, it is important to address the court representatives respectfully. Make sure to project your voice loud enough for the judge to hear and do not substitute nods and facial gestures for words. When speaking, the use of 'ums' and 'ahs' should be avoided. Be very clear.

When talking, also keep in mind if the judge is taking notes. It will be appreciated if you leave sufficient time for him or her to write down necessary information.

Speak when spoken to and never argue with the courtroom representatives. Try your best to speak in a respectful tone of voice and use proper grammar.

Appropriate dress code

Courtroom etiquette begins with what is worn. Not only is it important to act appropriately in court, it is also important to look appropriate. Pointing out the obvious, for men I recommend against dressing in shorts, t-shirts, jeans and hooded sweatshirts. For women, avoid wearing skirts, tank tops, shirts, revealing clothes and unnecessary amounts of accessories and jewelery.

The dress code in court is rather formal. I would approach it the same way as anyone would when attending a religious service, dressing for a job interview or going to work in a business office. It is inappropriate to wear baseball caps, hats or any type of headpiece in the courtroom unless it is worn for religious reasons. Know as your criminal lawyer, it is necessary for me to dress appropriately and as such I will be dressed in the dress code standard requested by the court. I cannot stress how important it is to represent yourself positively and approaching your court matter professionally.

A Toronto Criminal Lawyer Explains the Importance of Acting Appropriately in Court

You can never make a second first impression. Though not publicly announced, making a positive impression and having a reputable criminal lawyer by your side can play a role in the outcome of the case. My experience as a Toronto Criminal Lawyer can attest to that. Be aware that the judge will listen to every word you say and be watching your every move. Send the judge the message that you respect him or her and their courtroom.

As an experienced criminal lawyer, I familiarize my clients with the finer details of the court process where required, all in effort to make the court experience less unpleasant and worrisome.

Show up at court prepared. If you or someone you know has been arrested and are in need of Toronto criminal lawyer, contact us online or call 416.944.8111.

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