A Toronto Criminal Lawyer's Guide to Proper Courtroom Etiquette

Legal defence and the Criminal Courtroom's Code of Behaviour

For many people, there is no worse feeling than knowing you have to go to court. I recognize any offender ordered to appear in court, especially for their first time, would be understandably nervous about what may unfold. As an experienced Toronto Criminal Lawyer, I am very familiar with appearing in Ontario courts. Entering the courtroom has become second nature to me, but I am aware that for many of my clients it is their first time.

Recognizing this, I have put together a brief summary outlining some unmentioned rules and the preferred etiquette guidelines of Toronto and surrounding communities criminal courtrooms. Familiarizing yourself with this list of recommendations and abiding by them will aid in making the best impression of yourself possible.

Toronto Criminal Lawyer Explains Beneficial Legal Defence Strategy

In this part 1 of 2, I will address when to arrive in court and the importance of legal representation.

When to arrive

Punctually is imperative for court and being late is truly the worst thing you can do. It shows a lack of respect and more negatively, it shows you're not taking the charges seriously. With the busy court system, there are cases where even though you arrive early, you may have to wait around before your criminal case is brought before the courts. However, with the representation of a criminal lawyer you will typically be dealt with before people who are without a legal defence.

Legal representation

Teaming up with a criminal lawyer is the best thing you can do to help defend criminal charges. Showing the court you are taking your matter seriously shows initiative and an unquestionable degree of responsibility. Showing up to your first court date already with a criminal lawyer will favour defendants who have failed to take this action. Neglecting to acquire a criminal lawyer until later court appearances may negatively impact your case.

I will explore the importance of body language, how to speak and the appropriate way to dress for court in part 2 of my courtroom etiquette discussion.

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