Disclosure of evidence is the first step in building a strong defence in your criminal case

Disclosure of the Crown’s evidence is your constitutional right

As a criminal defendant your next appearance, after being released by police or from jail following a bail hearing, will be in appointment court. Here your criminal defence lawyer will seek disclosure of all relevant evidence the Crown possesses in your case. It is your constitutional right to have disclosure of this evidence. Evidence is released as part of a disclosure package, and can take many forms including: police notes, crime scene pictures, witness statements, forensic evidence, surveillance video, and recordings of 911 calls. Hearing the evidence against you in a criminal case can be distressing and overwhelming. Now is a time you can benefit from the counsel of a seasoned criminal lawyer.

A Toronto criminal lawyer has the experience to assess the Crown’s case against you based on gathered disclosure evidence

A criminal lawyer will make certain that all relevant evidence is released by the Crown. Disclosure of evidence is necessary to ensure you can make a proper defence and answer all charges brought against you in a criminal case. A criminal lawyer will evaluate the disclosure package for strengths and weaknesses.

Leora Shemesh is a Toronto area criminal lawyer who has the experience to properly evaluate the Crown’s evidence, advise you on how to best proceed, and begin to prepare a strong defence.

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