Developing a winning strategy for the criminal court process

The best criminal lawyer enters the criminal court process with a solid strategy and a desire to win

Every criminal lawyer’s goal when putting together a defence strategy is to reach a ‘not guilty’ verdict when the criminal court process is complete. The best criminal lawyer will work to discredit the prosecution’s evidence. For a criminal lawyer to be successful, they must begin the criminal court process with open ears and an open mind. Meaning, from the very beginning they are learning the defendant’s version of the story, extracting the information, putting together the facts and starting to tactically map out their line of attack.

Knowledgeable criminal lawyers understand every component of the criminal court process

The best defence strategy begins with the defendant’s version of the events which lead to the arrest. Defendants will benefit from telling their criminal lawyer the truth as they see it. A winning criminal defence strategy is best achieved by fitting together the defendant’s story. The most favourable court rulings are a verdict of not guilty, a plea bargain which could result in only probation or a verdict of a lesser charge.

Court experience gained over time will produce the best criminal lawyer. When you enter the criminal court process with Leora Shemesh as your lawyer, you will feel safe knowing that she will defend you with the outmost passion and determination. She proves time and time again that her winning defence strategies achieve results favoured by her defendants.

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