A top criminal lawyer can present you in the most favourable way during a bail hearing

Toronto criminal lawyer can best represent you during a bail hearing

When an arrest is made, a police officer has the option to release someone until they are due in court, or hold them for a court to decide in a bail hearing. There are some circumstances in which a police officer will hold a suspect for a bail hearing. A police officer will not release someone if their identity cannot be established. Additionally police will hold a suspect for a bail hearing if they fear the accused will destroy evidence, repeat the offence they have been charged with, commit another criminal offence or they have reasonable grounds to believe the accused will not show up for their court appearance.

The purpose of the bail hearing is to decide whether the accused should be released from jail while awaiting their trial. The onus is on the Crown during a bail hearing to prove why an accused should not be released. To release a suspect from jail the court must be confident that the accused will not commit any further crimes while released on bail, will appear for future court appearances and that the community’s interests are protected. A surety will often be needed to satisfy the court that these conditions can be met. Usually a friend or close relative will be a surety.

A top Toronto criminal lawyer will prepare your surety to make the best possible court appearance

A surety is someone who pledges during the bail hearing to supervise the accused when they are released from jail. Sureties are responsible for ensuring the accused abides to all conditions the court places on his or her release during a bail hearing. The courts may ask the surety to make a financial pledge to the court during a bail hearing as a condition of the suspect’s release. A surety can be the key to a defendant’s release from jail during a bail hearing.

A criminal lawyer has the experience to properly prepare a surety to testify in court. Leora Shemesh is a top Toronto area criminal lawyer who will be your best representation during a bail hearing; she will make certain your surety is well prepared to answer the questions that will be asked in court. A top criminal lawyer will know what the Crown is likely to ask the surety and make sure they will give the best possible answers.

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